Hogar Irekani began in 2013 as a home for teens who wish to complete their secondary education or continue studying toward a career.Located in Morelia, Michoacan, we provide a safe and loving home for teens and their siblings.We believe that through education they will attain a higher standard of living.We strive to provide opportunities for enrichment, creativity, and personal as well as spiritual growth.


Who are We?

We are currently a family of 24.Amount children, teens and young adults.Some of us have grown together.We are one director, two part-time staff members, and a cadre of volunteers.We are one family united by love and purpose.We are Hogar Irekani.


Educate Us! Secondary and Beyond!

The guiding principle in the formation of Hogar Irekani is education. In Mexico, many orphanages finish caring for children when they turn twelve. The young teens are then forced to leave the orphanage and try to survive. Some try to return to the family situation from which they had been taken because it offered no support due to drugs, prostitution, poverty, or incarceration. If they are able to find work, it is low paying, undesirable, and unstable. Many students have not even finished elementary at that time because they started very late in school. (Several of our teens will be fifteen when they graduate from primary school in the spring of 2015.) Under this system, children are semi-illiterate and very unprepared to even survive besides succeed in the world. They are doomed to fail, no matter what their potential might have been.Thus our primary goal is to provide shelter and loving support for teenagers and their younger siblings to continue their education until they have finished it and can successfully support themselves. This goal names no age. It gives no finishing point. For some this will take longer than others.Our elementary or primary students attend a nearby public school. Our teens attend several different public and private secondary schools and vocational schools based on their abilities and goals. As the students age, we will find many more enrolling in the preparatory schools and universities. Where they had no opportunities, now they envision themselves as doctors and lawyers, as English teachers and fashion designers, as artists and musicians, as a worker in the tourist industry, and as accountants and beauticians. They inspire us to help them.


Our programs are designed to provide opportunities for enrichment, creativity and personal as well as spiritual growth. The home operates as a family and each member has responsibilities and is encouraged to participate in the life of our big family.

Taco Verde

Taco Verde

A project that combines delicious vegan cuisine with a mission to empower children. The restaurant is run by Hogar Irekani, providing not only a source of income for the home, but also valuable work experience for the children.Our menu features a variety of plant-based options inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine, all made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.By choosing to dine with us, you are not only treating yourself to a delicious meal, but also supporting a vital cause – helping children in our community to gain skills and a brighter future.


Choir showcases the group's talents.


Piano is a collaborative effort.


Knowing English opens many doors.

Visual Arts

We encourage artistic expression.


By becoming a Friend of Irekani, you become an "Amigo", a Friend of Irekani. You become part of a special group of individuals who have joined together to support the group home. Friends who know how important it is to care for the less fortunate by providing a stable and loving place that they can call Home.As a Friend of Irekani, you help to cover the costs of all children living at the home. Your contribution allows Irekani children to receive the support they need to grow up happy and healthy. We believe the most effective way to help our children is by Sponsoring our Home.. By combining your Irekani sponsorship with those of other sponsors and donors, we ensure that all children in our group home benefit equally.When you join the Friends of Irekani Program, you are helping to change the future of our children in profound ways, and it can be a life changing experience for you as well.Irekani strives to create a lasting change for our children and their community through programs that focus on education, creative expression, as well as responsibility.

You can become a Friend of Irekani Today!

Your tax-deductible contribution can help to provide:
- A safe, loving stable home
- Medical & Dental care
- Nutritious food
- Health and hygiene training
- Educational opportunities
- Irekani Life-Skills Programs
- Mentoring and encouragement
- Most important of all, these children will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.
Yes I would like to sponsor Irekani! Please let us know that you would like to become a Sponsor of Irekani and join our special Friends of Irekani Team. Contact Us.Thank you for having a heart for the children of Hogar Irekani.

The Friends of Irekani

Program is adminstered by the El Buen Pastor Fund, a 501c3 U.S. non-profit. All donations are tax deductible under the U.S. IRS Regulations.


The Gift of Time and Love

Our volunteers provide personal interaction with the children and teens as well as one on one experiences. Our volunteers heal through the activities, the companionship, and the support they provide.There are two ways to volunteer: Hourly and Long Term. We need help in both categories. Which best fits your schedule? Contact Us


Hogar Irekani

Sandra Martínez, Director
Morelia, Mexico

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